About Us


Welcome to Yulmax!

Yulmax is a professional hydraulic enterprise from Ningbo China,which devoted to design,manufacture and service of hydraulic pump,hydraulic motor and hydraulic spare parts.

Regardless designing the system and meeting the special demand,we can providing the consummation specialized support and created unique value for customer...

Hydraulic Pump


Axial piston variable pump.Fixed displacement piston pump.Axial piston fixed pump.Control device include DR DP LR MA EO EO2 EP HD DFE1 LRD HS DRG DFR DFR1 DFLR,etc.

Hydraulic Motor


Axial piston variable motor.Fixed plug-in motor.Axial piston fixed motor.For hydrostatic drives in open and closed circuits.Hydraulic units for traveling machinery & industry using,etc.

Hydraulic spare parts


Axial piston pump spare parts.Axial piston motor spare parts.Piston pump rotary groups.Travel motor spare parts and swing motor spare parts.Hydraulic charge pump,etc.

Charge Pump


Internal meshing gear pump or charge pump,use in engineering machinery and others,include A4VG A10VG A4VTG PV90R SPV6-119 charge pump,etc.